Information can only do so much. Because when you live in fear, information does almost nothing.

To combat the fear people have of Islam, Reza Aslan believes American TV needs the equivalent of a Muslim Modern Family.

Because fear is hard to overcome. Think of people who have a phobia of flying in airplanes. They could study all the data. Cars are more dangerous than airplanes. The chances of dying in a plane crash is one in hundreds of millions, etc.

But too often,all of the data does little.

It can be the same way with fear of a certain people group. Many believe Muslims are dangerous. And all the data that proves the remarkably improbability of being killed my an Islamic terrorists doesn’t really help people who are afraid.

Again, none of the data matters.

But stories do matter. Stories have a way to cut through in a way that mere data doesn’t.

So Reza, host of CNN’s Believer, and a group of producers thought up a different approach. Why not create some well produced stories on the lives of American Muslims?

They titled the series, The Secret Lives of Muslims, and it’s something everyone should watch!

Read the entire Vox article here “Why American TV needs a Muslim Modern Family” >>

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My name is Paul Martin. I am a writer, who happens to be a Christian. I like writing about the intersection of family, religion, and politics. Recently, I launched a peacebuilding organization called The Christian Muslims Alliance.

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