Differences in religious belief make it hard to live in peace. How can you be “united” when beliefs are so different?

For example, Christians believe Jesus was God. Muslims do not.

Jews and Muslims are separated by seemingly impossible geopolitical differences, throughout the Middle East.

The list of differences between Christians, Muslim, and Jews is a mile long.

But music has a power that transcend such differences. And a group of peacemakers decided to start a new band to prove it.

They’re called The Salaam-Shalom Music Project. The name means “peace” in both Arabic and Hebrew.

“When you learn music, you actually deepen your own feelings and you begin to understand things that may have just seemed foreign or different before,” said Lori Lippitz, the project founder.

The musicians are from the U.S., Middle East and Eastern Europe. And they perform folk songs in Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, Yiddish, Russian and French.

“I hope that by seeing people collaborating on stage and finding commonality in a very beautiful and harmonious way, they can just take something from that and apply it in their own lives.”

Listen and read the Newsy article here: How These Muslim, Jewish, And Christian Musicians Play Beyond Barriers >>

About The Author

My name is Paul Martin. I am a writer, who happens to be a Christian. I like writing about the intersection of family, religion, and politics. Recently, I launched a peacebuilding organization called The Christian Muslims Alliance.

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