Asma Jama was out to eat with a friend. Being Kenyan, they were speaking in Swahili.

From another table, they started getting heckled by a couple. “When you’re in America, you need to speak English.”

Jama didn’t want to cause a scene. She told the couple, in English, that she prefers speaking in Swahili when she’s with friends.

The conversation began to escalate. Soon, Jama was told to “go back home.”

She replied that America was her home.

Soon, there were threats.

Jama sat, uneasy about the fragile situation. Suddenly, out of the blue, her face was smashed with a beer mug.

The assailant was arrested.

When they came face-to-face in court, you’ll be surprised with what Jama had to say…

Read the entire StarTribune article here: “‘No ill feelings,’ Muslim woman assaulted in Applebee’s tells her attacker in court” >>

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