Paul Martin, Christian Muslim Alliance

Paul is an inspirational speaker for events including churches. He has a deep passion to help Christians understand both the many similarities between Christianity and Islam, as well as practical things Christians can do to understand the differences between radical extremism and the global tenets of Islam.
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Paul E. Martin is the President and Founder of The Christian-Muslim Alliance, a peace building organization devoted to helping Christians understand Islam and welcoming its followers.

Paul is a former pastor, interfaith advocate, and social entrepreneur, with a rich background in ecumenism, non-profit leadership, and study in the philosophy of religion.

The son an Italian immigrant mother, and Mexican father, Paul recalls their many stories of growing up as minorities, and the discrimination they faced as Roman Catholics.

Paul understood the pain they and their families felt for being considered an “other.”

In his teens, Paul describes what he calls “the unifying power of music” — the common ground music has to neutralize even theological differences.

He soon began playing bass guitar in Christian bands. In his 20’s and 30’s, he worked in music publishing and building ecumenical Christian events — all of which focused on music, worship, and the arts. He held executive positions with Vineyard Music (USA), Vineyard Music (UK), Maranantha! Music, and Soul Survivor Ministries, International.

Paul has served as Senior Pastor of Soul Survivor Church and Executive Pastor of Holy Trinity Anglican Church, both in Southern California. In addition, he held senior posts with The March of Dimes and Family Assistance Ministries, an agency devoted to preventing hunger and homelessness in Orange County, California.

Paul had the honor of working directly under both John Wimber of The Vineyard movement, and Rev. Dr. Robert H. Schuller, Sr. Both of these leaders, for Paul, were role models with respect to both ecumenism and interfaith dialogue.

A personal passion of Paul’s is to explore the intersection of sacred music, the arts, and intercultural and religious dialogue. Paul is also an avid connoisseur of Mediterranean food, which he began cooking as his chief hobby in 2006.

Paul earned a BA in philosophy from The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where he focused on ethics and medieval thought, including the study of Islamic metaphysics. He later earned an MA in the Philosophy of Religion from Talbot School of Theology at Biola University.