Christians, particularly, are called to welcome and care for ALL those who suffer.

Like Fazelah, who was forced this year to flee her village in Afghanistan, after fierce fighting broke out. Fazelah, who now lives in a compound in the district center, with 14 other families.

Eight out of 10 internally displaced Afghan women don’t have proper identity papers, hindering their access to education, employment, housing, and property.

When Jesus spoke of caring for the “least of these,” let us be certain he was talking about refugees just like Fazelah — even if they just happened to be Muslim.

PLEASE TAKE ACTION NOW in supporting our refugee advocacy work. It just takes a minute.

About The Author

My name is Paul Martin. I am a writer, who happens to be a Christian. I like writing about the intersection of family, religion, and politics. Recently, I launched a peacebuilding organization called The Christian Muslims Alliance.

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