Why does this even matter?

First, governments can only do so much. The proof is that after 15 years and trillions spent on the “war on terrorism,” things haven’t improved. The division between Christians and Muslims is worse today than it was after September 11, 2001.

Second, to the degree that Christians live separated from Muslims — by misunderstanding, suspicion, paranoia, and even hate — there can be no positive way forward. At best, things might stay the same.

Third, the freedoms established by our nation’s founders, and fought for by millions of American soldiers since, are being negatively impacted by the pervasive “us versus them” dualism.

Finally, with over 70% of Americans identifying as Christian, tens of millions of its citizens represent a potential force of peace, not just for within the U.S., but globally.

We believe we must preserve our religious freedoms by not viewing our fellow citizens as part of “them,” but as part of “us.”

We are but one nation.

The Christian-Muslim Alliance aims to work to create fundamental change between the world’s two largest religions, something that ongoing military undertakings will never accomplish.

What is your stance on military action?

We believe, first and foremost, that the United States and allies against terror should stop and nothing to find and destroy terrorists and their networks. We wholeheartedly and without equivocation believe that, first and foremost, those wishing to destory freedom through violence should be eliminated.

Do we believe Christianity and Islam are the same?

No. We do not believe in “Syncretism,” or a fusing together of different faith systems. Christianity and Islam, in short, are not the same.

Nonetheless, The Alliance holds to a positive message that helps Christians and Muslims realize the vast common ground shared between them.

We, in the tradition of Jesus, value all people, though we do not value all religious practices.

Finally, we want to dispel false and destructive ideologies, especially the erroneous and destructive view that Islam exists to take over the world and kill all non-Muslims. The fact is that Muslim extremists, overwhelmingly, kill more Muslims than non-Muslims

Is The Christian-Muslim Alliance a religious organization?

Though The Alliance was founded by a Christian and former pastor, it does not promote an outward conversion from Islam to Christianity or vice versa.

Instead, The Alliance exists to help people of both faiths come to understand and respect the religious and cultural diversities of each group, in spite of theological differences.

Ultimately, The Alliance holds that people are good or evil, not by virtue of their professed religion, or associated religious traditions, but by how they treat others.

In that light, we aim to promote peaceful co-existence between Christians and Muslims, in spite of differences.

Is The Christian-Muslim Alliance an “interfaith” organization?

No. We do aim to participate and support the various interfaith organizations and individuals working to promote dialogue and peace.

However, our ultimate aim is to help Christians and Muslims work together in making our nation, and our world, a place of mutual understating, and peace.

Is The Christian-Muslim Alliance affiliated with any church or religious organization?

No. Our aim is to promote peacemaking efforts already in existence, whether led by Christians, Muslims or other religious or non-religious organizations.