Paul Martin and a growing army of peacemakers are wanting to start a revolution and build a movement to end religious division, especially that between Christians and Muslims.

In 2017 we will be speaking loudly and passionately to bring people together, via social media, and in small and large gatherings. You can be a Christian, a Muslim or an atheist. The point is to meet, listen, get to know each other.

“The Alliance” is an alternative to the growing fear and divisiveness in our communities, our country, and globally.

Let’s face it, we all feel pain when we are judged for how we look, or what we believe. This pain should give us all a common purpose: to work together to bring the country, and our world, together.


To end division between the world’s two largest religions.


The Christian-Muslim Alliance was founded by a Christian with a deep passion for ending Islamophobia, especially that instigated by Christians.

After standing for unrelenting military efforts to find a destroy peace-hating terrorists and their sinister networks, our primary objective is advocating for education, understanding, and peace. Our work includes the building of authentic friendships and partnerships — between individuals, churches, mosques, organizations, and government entities.

By doing our part to enhance and amplify the efforts of those helping to fight against Islamaphobia, laying the foundation for a lasting peace, we hope to encourage harmony between people of all faiths, and an end of all forms of bigotry.


It started with a central tenet of historical Christianity — Jesus and his early followers were known first by their welcoming of “outsiders.”

So we founded The Christian-Muslim Alliance in late 2016. Because things seemed to be drifting apart. In the midst of more hate crimes, terrorist attacks, and increased political rhetoric against all Muslims, fear was everywhere.

We figured there must be a better way to live with each other. And not merely to live, but to thrive.

And were audacious enough to believe that Christians could be part of the solution.

We knew that regardless of religious persuasion, the overwhelming majority of people just want to live in peace, pursue their passions, and create the best lives they can.

And we believed that no ideology has the corner on peace. Because peace is a choice we all make. And peace must always begin with understanding the “other.”

The Christian-Muslim Alliance works tirelessly to find solutions that last. We create innovative ways to tell stories of all those living in harmony — the countless seekers that know we’re in this together.

In the end, we will transform lives and communities from what they are today to what they can be, tomorrow. In doing so, our world will be a better place — for all of us.